What our most valued clients say about us

As a first home buyer I did a lot research myself to get myself a home loan. Pramu was recommended by a friend, and he has managed to get a larger loan than what I could get. He was very helpful and supportive through the process and my questions. highly recommended.

David May - QLD First Home Buyer

Thanks Pramu and Denham for your continuous support with outstanding client service and excellent financial advise. All the best!

Pasan Dayasena - NSW First Home Buyer

Been working with Pramu about 2 years now, Pramu is awesome, patient, transparent, dedicated, I mean REALLY dedicated. I've got a property through him, finance through him. Financing was very easy as he laid out all options and recommended the best option for me. The property I bought for an investment and he had a tenant ready to move from the day 1. Since I moved across to US, Pramu's quality of service remains the same, I can pick up the phone anytime and he is happy to step in and help me with any questions I have. The whole experience been really simple and really re-assuring. Thanks alot for that Pramu.

Michael Cassar - VIC Investor/Finance Client

Thank you very much for helping my clients with their property purchases and always going the extra mile. Much appreciated

Vino Grundy - Financial Planner - QLD Referral Partner

Very professional, reliable and refreshingly sincere management. It was a pleasure doing business

Shitij Chandra - VIC Investor

By far the best mortgage broker in the area! Professional and hard working. He is willing to take the extra mile for you. I recommend him highly.

Omar Ibouten - VIC First Home Buyer/Finance

Best of the best.....guide to the correct path... Great & friendly service....more & more options.... 100% recommended... Wish all the very best for Tomorrow FS

Anoj Sirimanne - VIC First Home Buyer

Thank you so much for the excellent service. Within a few days of discussions you took that stress away so easily. The best thing about your service is that the 1st home was chosen way beyond our imagination in all aspects. Well what can we say, YOU JUST NAILED IT!

Nuwan Harshana - VIC First Home Buyer

Outstanding service. Professional advice and knowledge is there for you every step of the way. we bought our first dream home under the guidance of Pramu Rodrigo. Buying a property is a very exciting yet stressful and emotional process and the best place to get utmost help and the best service right here at Tomorrow Financial Solutions.

Shashi Vithanage - VIC First Home Buyer/Finance Client

Firstly, I’m going to cut to the chase and am going for the punch line of this message “Go to Pramu for all your Financial needs !!!!” Pramu and I have been good friends for many years but I have never gone to him for any of my financial needs. One day I was talking to him about a personal matter and he offered me some good advice. So I decided to let him handle this matter and requested him to get me some additional funds for a project we were currently involved in. He was very professional from the very beginning, he got me to submit all the documentation and my details through a software he’s using, which I thought was very convenient and professional. No emails backwards and forwards or multiple phone calls requesting this that and the other…… all was done with a couple of clicks. He started working with my preferred financial institution, which they advised that they couldn’t service my request, then Pramu started working on a couple of other institutions. The best thing about his service was that I received a call at the end of each day providing me with an update. Somedays he would just call me to let me know that there was no update, but didn’t want to leave me hanging, but phoned to let me know that. which I personally thought was very good service. My situation dragged from days to weeks and from one financial institution to another….. to the point, I told him that we will just put it to bed and park it for the moment and revisit it when our situations change. But just like in the cricket field Pramu wasn’t ready to give up just yet….. he kept trying until he succeeded! after working tirelessly he managed to meet our financial needs! which was a great outcome for us…. especially when we were at the verge of giving up. Pramu provided us exceptional service and he was very professional throughout the process! his determination and strong work ethic is outstanding!!! I will be personally recommending Pramu and Tomorrow Financial Solutions to everyone!

Stephen De Mel - VIC Investor/Refinance Client

Investment customers, who purchased their first investment property together in Melbourne. See the video to see how we helped them in this exciting process of Azri's & Anjali's.

Azri Jaldin & Anjali James Investor (Overseas)

We were only had few weeks left when my solicitor informed us the settlement date. Pramu was not even in the country , was on holiday in SriLanka. However he managed to arrange most of the things before he return. Was contactable any time which was reassured us lot. Finally he managed to settled up everything for the date by giving us valuable advises to express the process. His overall knowledge help us went throught the precess and my family is very thankfull for him for his execellent work. Thank you very much Pramu... We wish you all the best for your future.

Chandima & Udaya Ramanayake Refinance & New Home Finance

Pramu was always accessible and provided very prompt and informative answers to all the questions I had during the home loan enquiry, application and settlement process. Pramu had a detailed knowledge of the home loan products of the many different home loan providers he has access to and he was able to provide me with several different scenario's for different products and different loan amounts. I was able to go to market very well informed about my borrowing power and what I could comfortably afford.

Andrew Hopkinson First Home Buyer

Pramu always gets what is the best option for me in getting the loan. He explained everything and informed me how much I can save monthly. I will definitely recommend him to anyone.

Arulkumaran Karunakaran Refinance Client

Although I’m a very successful business professional, I really needed help with my finances. Pramu and Sonali have done my financial planning and taking care of my investments. I can’t recommend them highly enough. Accurate, professional, honest, and always ready to go above and beyond.

Peggy Renders Wealth Creation Client

As a first home buyer, the service provided by the Pramu and the team was excellent. I was able to get a good property deal with him and they sorted my financial seamlessly. They also provided with all other services so I did not have to waste my time sorting things out. Without any effort, I was able to make my first home dream a reality with Pramu and his team. I’m extremely satisfied with their service and recommend them.

Udesh Egodage First Home Buyer