Pramu Rodrigo

Pramu Rodrigo

Senior Finance and Property Advisor Director

Pramu is the founder and Managing Director of Tomorrow Financial Solutions, with more than 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry, Pramu has helped countless clients build wealth through Finance Strategies and through Property.

His extensive qualifications in Finance, Business Management , Property and Real Estate , combined with a deep knowledge of the Australian real estate market make him well equipped to help Tomorrow Financial Solutions' clients to succeed and acheive Financial Goals.

Coming from humble beginnings, Pramu moved to Melbourne nearly 15 years ago, fuelled by the unshaken belief that Australia was the “Lucky Country” where anyone could make a life for themselves if they were willing to work hard for it. The ascent to success for this self-made entrepreneur was far from easy, however he continued to channel every ounce of energy in those early days into learning and personal development to master the art of wealth creation through property and smart finance strategies.

Pramu is a regular media commentator on topics around Property and Finance and has been featured in nationwide publications such as the Australian Property Investor and Your Investment Property magazines, as well as being a regular on the Sri Lanka Morning Show in Melbourne.

You will find him friendly and easy to talk to, but very serious about making sure you make the best possible choices in your property journey. Pramu will happily go the extra mile (make it few miles!) for his clients.

He loves Cricket, a good scotch, nice cars, oh and did we mention Cricket! Outside of work Pramu is “Dada” to Liam & Hailey, and he hopes Liam would play cricket for Australia some day (he can already bowl in-swingers!) and Spunky (who is four legged and furry).

Sonali Rodrigo

Sonali Rodrigo

Senior Financial Advisor

Sonali has been in the financial services industry for close to 15 years and has held a variety of roles in large and boutique organisations. After years of working in the financial planning industry, Sonali realised she wanted to have an approach to money and financial advice that was refreshing, intelligent and light-hearted. An approach that is compassionate, relatable and non-judgemental , so her clients never feel daunted or intimated, where they feel their interest comes first, above all else.

She wants to inspire her clients to live their dream life and is passionate about working with them to help create just that.

Sonali is a qualified Charted Management Accountant with several Financial Planning qualifications to her name. Additionally, Sonali serves on the Corporate Governance panel of a National Australian Financial Services Licensee – The Advice Exchange, through which she strives to improve the client centric approach to Financial Planning and putting the best interest of the client first.

Outside of work, Sonali is mum to Liam , Hailey and Spunky, a passionate foodie always keen to try out new cuisine, an aspiring minimalist and a fabulous cook! (Just don’t ask her to cook anything other than dessert though!)

Dominique Allas

Dominique Allas

Home Loan Specialist

Dominique joins the ‘Tomorrow Financial Solutions’ team with several years of experience in the banking and finance sector under his belt . Having previously worked for The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Dominique brings with him a proven history of client satisfaction, having assisted a multitude of clients on how to achieve their financial goals and make informed and educated financial decisions.

Often referred to by the nickname ‘Money Bags’, Dominique is well known by his family and friends, for his financial literacy. Unless it comes to cars… and watches… and shoes - because in that case, the ‘Money Manager’ needs managing!

Dominique is accustomed to thinking on his feet and has often been complimented on his ability to build rapport with stakeholders, however dynamic they may be. It is his desire that every person that he meets, is just that little bit more financially literate, after meeting him.

Outside of the office, Dominique has a passion for architecture and health and fitness (a certified CrossFit junkie). You will often find him brainstorming new places to travel, buying completely unnecessary pieces of art or tableware (much to the dismay of his Fiancé), and shortlisting new restaurants to visit – mention the name ‘Dominique’ at his favourite Lebanese restaurant ‘Byblos’, for VIP table service.