Our Company

"Our existence is to make a positive difference in people's lives"

At Tomorrow Financial Solutions, we believe that you deserve to have the peace of mind knowing you made smart decisions about your future. We believe you deserve choice, you deserve courtesy, and that you deserve care. You deserve innovation, respect, and you deserve to have an amazing experience. You do not deserve to be treated like numbers on a balance sheet and with us you never will be.  With us you will have the certainty that your dream of buying your first home, investment property or getting your finances properly structured to your own circumstances are in capable hands.


At Tomorrow Financial Solutions, we offer a service that gives you peace of mind knowing you made well-informed judgements about your financial future. Our experienced team gives you the opportunity to make choices and works with you to make the best decisions, catered to your unique situation.


Our founder, Pramu Rodrigo, and his wife Sonali have more than a decade’s worth of experience in the Finance and Real Estate and are committed to helping you achieve your dreams of a brighter future. A family-orientated business, Tomorrow Financial Solutions ensures the client is the number-one priority and at the forefront of any decisions made.


We pride ourselves on getting results no matter what the situation or setback which is our point of difference, so for people with previous issues with credit, financial debts or for those looking for a fresh start, Tomorrow Financial Solutions is the perfect place to begin.


Tomorrow Financial Solutions is a family owned organisation passionate about helping young professionals and families build a bright future. Pramu Rodrigo the founder of Tomorrow Financial Solutions has over 12 years of experience in Finance and over 8 years of experience in the Real Estate industry in Australia. Sonali Rodrigo the Co-Founder also has close to 15 years of experience in Finance and over 10 years of experience in Financial Planning. 


When Pramu and Sonali had their first born son Liam in 2013,  they both realised that what they wanted more than anything was to build a better "Tomorrow" for little Liam. This is something they both hold very close to their hearts and why they are so dedicated to helping young families dream big.